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In a world of conflicting opinions about health, wellness, lifestyle, it's time to think for yourself. To scratch below the surface. Here we bring stories about people and what motivates them. Living a good life is not always about physical health - it is about finding a balance in a world that is full of options. We look at various topics and hope to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone.

TOPICS we focus on 

  • Personal growth journeys


  • Fitness 


  • Nutrition


  • Mental health


  • Work and motivation


  • Spiritual health


  • Relationships 


  • General Health


  • Lifestyle 


  • Communities


     And so much more ...

We aim to inspire you to take action and live your best life.

We are all born without an instruction manual and we learn our habits from our families or our surroundings or our cultures. But sometimes we just feel lost at certain stages of our lives. Having the option to tune in or read about a treatment that suits you is what we hope we will give you.

We look at people who have followed their own dreams and ambitions.

Fulfillment is also a very individual process - for some it is easy to make changes which will benefit them. But for others, it requires constant motivation and what better way to be inspired is to hear how others managed their journey.

As our world faces more challenges from health to communities and financial pressures - the best thing you can do is look for answers.


Apathy is the death of all creativity and happiness. Wishing you lots of luck and success in finding your own happiness in health and life.


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