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Homeopathy is in this family's genes

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Before he joined the family tradition of serving humanity through Homeopathy, there were already three homeopaths in his family. But initially, Atiq Ahmad Bhatti was not sure he would be following the family tradition. TRISH BEAVER REPORTS

INITIALLY Atiq was attracted by a career in IT he thought that was where his interest lay, but after a few years dealing with computers he discovered that what was more important was the idea of helping people. A change to homeopathy to help people became his strongest motivating factor, and the one that would bring him the most satisfaction.

He explained: “My family had been practising homeopathy for decades, since the mid-1920’s. I was never a sceptic, we had always been treated with homeopathic remedies so I didn’t question it. I never needed to question it because it worked, it worked incredibly well.”

“But, the spark for Homeopathy from within me didn’t just happen or occur naturally. I believe in a healthy sense of curiosity. I believe questions are necessary to find the answers, otherwise, you are just following something which can always leave lingering doubts. So it began with asking questions.

“Although I had seen homeopathy at work both at home and on patients who came to see my father, and two uncles (all accomplished Doctors of Homeopathic Medicine), and witnessed how they were cured of their ailments daily, I wanted to know more about how it worked, so that I could be confident, in my mind as to the inner mechanisms of healing and the power of Homeopathy.”

“While I was following my original career choice of I.T. (to make ends meet), I soon realised that it wasn’t fulfilling me in a way that I needed. I began to ask myself if I was truly making a difference to people’s lives?”

For Atiq the spark or calling to change careers began on a visit to his father’s home. “My father’s asked me to fetch a remedy called “China”. When I was handling the bottle, I was fascinated with the name written on the bottle, CHINA. I thought, that’s a country isn’t it, what a strange name for a remedy.”

From then on the journey into homeopathy began as he started to learn more. He added: “ The thought only recently came to my mind that China (cinchona bark) was the first remedy that the founder of Homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, proved, and how coincidental that that same remedy provided the inner spark for me to progress in the field of service to humanity.”

“I was truly fascinated and began my studies full-time in Homeopathy, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology and other modalities, and qualified and started my own practice in my hometown.”

Atiq also loves the daily interactions he has with his patients. He says: “You never know who is going to walk through the door and you are presented with a new opportunity to find a unique individualised remedy to treat that person, and to support them in their healing journey.”

He believes that through Homeopathy and the process of consultation, especially for chronic health conditions, the true healing power of Homeopathy shines. He explained: “You need to look at the person as a whole, their personality, their background, their habits, their diet and the physical and mental symptoms.”

Homeopathy was originally developed over 200 years ago by a German medical doctor by the name of Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) who believed that a substance (plant, mineral, animal) that causes symptoms of a disease in healthy people can cure similar symptoms in sick people; this doctrine is called similia similibus curentur, or "like cures like.

Homeopathy is often considered an “alternative” treatment as it does not follow the conventional scientific principles of western or allopathic medicine. Atiq explained: “Homeopathy is based on the principle that the more a substance is diluted, and succussed, the more potent it becomes, more energetic. There are no harmful side effects with Homeopathy and it is safe for infants through to the elderly.”

Others who feel tired of the pharmaceutical route feel that homeopathy and other various alternative treatments can offer a more holistic solution and be less invasive. Atiq recalls: “I see many patients who are looking for a different way, a new approach to their healthcare, and are interested to know more about Homeopathy and its principles.”

He believes that our world population is very unhealthy due to suffering from a ‘toxic overload’. He said: “People in the modern age are not given the time to let the body heal or to find the link between the cause of their symptoms and the manifestation of the illness.

“Cities are not healthy places. Many have lost interest in nature and the natural instinct to protect our environment. Foods have become overly processed and the chemical footprint has risen. We end up starving our bodies of the things we need to function at an optimal level, and this includes getting sufficient sleep and rest. But it is a catch-22 situation, because to live, one needs money, and so it has become difficult for many to find balance due to a large swathe of mitigating factors.”

Atiq believes that the constant complaint he hears from patients about fatigue and depression is not an individual issue, but a global one. Hosting his Homeopathy Health podcast on UK Health Radio weekly, he often hosts conversations with prominent homeopaths about their opinions.

He explained: “I love my profession, which I know unequivocally is a service to humanity at the end of the day, and that is the most ideal place to be in, for me personally. I love to promote Homeopathy around the world through my podcast and to invite guests on the show from the world of Homeopathy to come and share their insights and experiences. It is always an incredible conversation full of hope and progress.”

To hear more about his show – Homeopathy Health. Go to the website – His new show airs on a Thursday and can be downloaded as a podcast.

Mobile: 07812 070 810


Atiq Ahmad Bhatti is a 4th generation Homeopath and a Fellow of the British Institute of Homeopathy. Atiq is a seasoned Radio/Television broadcaster and writer who has been promoting the healing benefits of Homeopathy for over 20 years. He has presented several shows on Homeopathy for television. He has authored several articles and delivers online workshops and talks on Homeopathy and the many different modalities within this system of healing. He runs a busy clinic treating patients from around the world with Homeopathy.

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Trish Beaver is a journalist, blogger and freelance communicator. She enjoys researching and exploring health and lifestyle topics and believes there needs to be more positive communication in the world. Her blogs can be found on her website:


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